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The first Boeing 777-300ER was serviced in Kurumoch

Kurumoch International Airport (part of Airports of Regions Holding) has serviced the first wide-body Boeing 777-300ER (ER means Extended Range). Russiya Airlines’ flight delivered almost four hundred Colombian fans from Moscow to Samara. By tradition, the new airline was welcomed by a water arch on the apron.

Boeing 777-300ER has performed the first flight to Samara. Servicing of this type aircraft at Samara airport became possible after the renovation and commissioning of the second runway in Kurumoch in December 2017. Runway-2 is 3,001 meters long and 45 meters wide, with PCN (Pavement Classification Number) of 82/R/C/X/T; the runway is paved with asphalt concrete. These runway characteristics make it possible to serve practically all modern long-range aircraft. The Boeing 777-300ER is designed to carry 457 passengers in case of two-class configuration of the cabin and a flying range of up to 13.6 thousand km.

Rossiya Airlinesis part of Aeroflot group. In 2017, Rossiya Airlinescarried more than 11 million passengers, its total route network includes more than 130 destinations. From Samara, Rossiya Airlinesperform flights to St. Petersburg (13 flights per week), as well as charter flights to Antalya and Larnaca. It has implemented a program of renovation of its fleet and aircraft cabins since 2016. Boeing 747, Boeing 777, Boeing 737NG, Airbus A320 and Airbus A319 are operated on the international and domestic lines, and all aircraft are assigned the names of the Russian cities. For example, one of the aircraft was named “Samara” in winter 2017.
19 June 2018 Aircraft take off and land in Kurumoch every 11.5 minutes 10 July 2018 Kurumoch Airport World Cup Records
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