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The CITA DCS check-in system was put in operation at Kurumoch Airport

The SITA Departure Control System (SITA DCS) that is an automatic passenger and baggage check-in system implemented at Kurumoch International Airport is now used as a main departure control system of the Airport.

One of the key advantages of the SITA DCS is a capability of through check-in of transfer passengers who have to change their flights on the way of their journey. A transfer passenger who has checked in and dropped the baggage in Samara will get it at the destination point. Thereby the system helps to shorten flight connection time and relieves the passengers of the necessity to pick up the baggage and check in again at transfer airport.

Besides, implementation of new system is currently important due to electronic tickets popularity. The program keeps in touch with the airlines’ booking systems and automatically makes the list of passengers who bought the tickets via the Internet.

The SITA DCS is compatible with any booking system and is able to check in passengers and their baggage, perform the aircraft balance and prepare the relevant documentation in accordance with international standards. Implementation of new system upgrades Kurumoch International Airport by changing the local check-in system to the centralized check-in control system for passengers and their baggage.

Kurumoch Airport appreciates the airlines’ suggestions and introduces the latest modern technologies of handling process in order to improve the passenger service quality and optimize the work of air carriers operating in the Samara Region. For these purposes Samara airport is also operating such automatic host check-in systems as “SABRE”, “Regina”, “Astra” and “Pictures”.

23 November 2012 Kurumoch International Airport implemented the World Tracer automatic baggage tracing system 27 November 2012 Samara Airport outfitted its passengers with free Wi-Fi access in the passenger terminal
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