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Kurumoch International Airport implemented the World Tracer automatic baggage tracing system

Multifunctional worldwide system called “World Tracer” is a service provided for automatic tracking of lost or mishandled baggage.

Today the World Tracer system developed by SITA and IATA integrates about 90% of international air traffic organizations including more than 440 airlines and 2200 airports all over the world that makes the baggage tracking process more effective.

The automatic global system helps to find the lost baggage very easy and quickly. In case a passenger did not find his baggage on arrival, he should refer to baggage handling agent and show the baggage tag. After that the act of baggage non-delivery shall be drawn up specifying all the external baggage characteristics such as color, shape, material, labels, wheels or handles availability, as well as the owner information and others.

All the abovementioned information is recorded into the common World Tracer database. At the same time the baggage handling agent who has found out an unclaimed baggage in another airport fills in a standard file describing the baggage itself and detection circumstances. The system immediately starts an automatic search process comparing all the lost and unclaimed baggage files. The baggage tracing specialists of the troubled airports get the relevant massage and process the received information. They should decide if it is the same suitcase or just a similar one. In case of coincidence of lost and unclaimed baggage information the airports arrange the suitcase delivery to the appropriate passenger. Usually this baggage is rushed on the nearest flight.

All the aviation experts are sure that implementation and modernization of such tracking systems not only optimize the baggage tracing process but also decrees the possibility of baggage lost during the air transportation.

22 November 2012 Kurumoch International Airport renovated its comfort lounges for passengers 26 November 2012 The CITA DCS check-in system was put in operation at Kurumoch Airport
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