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Kurumoch International Airport will soon offer another daily flight between Samara and Moscow.

A newcarrier Polet (Flight) is entering the air transport market of the Samara region. 

The airline is planning to operate its flights between Samara andMoscow (Domodedovo Airport) daily, departing Samara at 9.35 p.m. and arrivingin Moscow at 10.20 p.m. (all times are local). The airline offers service on Saab-2000aircraft. 

Moscowhas always been one of the most popular destinations among the residents of theSamara region. Today, 10 flights a day are operated on this route. As newairlines have entered the Samara region’s air transport market and thefrequency of flights Samara – Moscow have recently increased, passengers arenow free to choose the most convenient time of departure and arrival, aircrafttype and also the best price to travel. 

Kurumoch International Airportis constantly striving to widen the route network, to draw in newairlines as well as to increase the frequency of flights on the existingdestinations. All this is the strategic target of the Airport aimed atproviding passengers with high-quality services in accordance with expectedinternational standards. 

Airline information:
Polet (Flight) is an airline based in Voronezh, Russia.It was established and started operations in 1988. Today, it operates aworldwide cargo and domestic and international passenger services. The PoletAirlines fleet includes the following aircraft: An-124, An-24, An-30, An-148, Saab-2000.The Saab-2000 is one of the fastest turboprop airplanes in existence; it isable to cruise at a speed of over 665 km/h. Normalpassenger accommodation for 50 at three abreast and 81 cm (32 in) pitch.

03 December 2008 Kurumoch International Airport has tabulated the results of its business activity for the first 11 months of 2008. The number of passengers handled by the Airport has increased 6.6% as compared with the same period last year. 19 December 2008 Today, on December 19, 2008 Kurumoch International Airport is celebrating its 51st anniversary.
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