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Kurumoch International Airport welcomed a delegation of the Russia 2018 Organizing Committee, together with a group of FIFA experts

Adelegation of senior officials from the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Local Organizing Committee and experts from FIFA visited Samaraon 21 June as part of the process of selecting the cities that will be hostingmatches at FIFA’s showpiece event.

Duringtheir visit the members of the inspection commission visited all the places andfacilities of Samara Region which are intended to be involved in 2018 WorldCup. Kurumoch International Airportwas among them. The experts were introduced to the presentation devoted tofuture prospects of the airport facilities development including the newpassenger terminal construction. 

Samarais the next-to-last city in the inspection tour round the 2018 FIFA World cuphost city candidates. 

Asfor today, 13 Russian cities are participating in the selection for hostingfootball matches in 2018. Russia 2018 Organizing Committee has developed aspecial five-criteria system in order to make a selection procedure moreobjective. Such important aspects as current provision of the candidate citieswith infrastructure facilities, social and economic level, investment programmefor future tournament preparation, 2018 World Cup concept as well as efficientuse of the tournament heritage are under consideration.

The finallist of host cities for Russia 2018 will be announced in September 2012.

09 June 2012 Kurumoch International Airport has tabulated the results of its business activity for May 2012. The Airport demonstrates the dynamic growth in all the main figures in spite of the aerodrome reconstruction process in operation. 29 June 2012 The Board of Directors of Kurumoch International Airport elected a new director general of the Company.
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