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Kurumoch International Airport has seen growth in passenger traffic in practically all destinations travelled to and from Samara. The number of passengers handled by the Airport in October 2009 has increased 9 % as compared with the same month last year.

Kurumoch Airport continues to record growth in its business indicators, one of which –passenger traffic through the Airport – has been increasing monthly for thepast year. 

Passengerstatistics show that in October 2009 Kurumoch handled a total of 118,896passengers, an increase of 9% as compared with the same period of the previousyear. The total number of domestic travellers flying through Samara was up19.6%, while that of passengers handled by the Airport on leisure internationalroutes increased by 44.2%. The total number of passengers travelling onscheduled international flights in October 2009 remained the same as over thesame month in 2008. 

Internationalroutes that experienced the most growth were still Prague,Tel-Aviv, Buku, Dushanbe, but also such holidaydestinations as Antalya,Hurghada, and Sharm el-Sheikh.

Kurumoch International Airport hasalso demonstrated its positive statistics on some routes within this country.The number of travellers on scheduled flights between Samara and Moscowincreased by 39.2% in October 2009, while passenger traffic between Samara andSaint Petersburg was up by 16.5% as compared with the same period lastyear. 

The number of passengers handled bythe Airport from January to October 2009 totaled 1,099,874.

Suchcarriers as “OrenburgAirlines”, “Ural Airlines”, “Transaero”, “Red Wings”, “Bashkortostan Airlines”,and “S7 Airlines” showed the most considerable increase in the figures ofOctober 2009. Kurumoch International Airporttogether with air carries is constantly striving to widen their route networkas well as to increase the frequency of flights on the existing destinations.

05 November 2009 Online check-in is now available for passengers departing from Kurumoch International Airport on Aeroflot – Russian Airlines. 16 December 2009 Kurumoch Airport has launched the implementation of an automated system for personnel training and qualification "WTEST-Airport".
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