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Kurumoch Airport has launched the implementation of an automated system for personnel training and qualification "WTEST-Airport".

The newautomated system is designed for providing basic training and practical study,but also for getting the permission to work in the summer or winter season, aswell as for providing the current technical training and testing thepersonnel's knowledge. All training and tests are performed in accordance withthe needs of the relevant Airport departments, such as Passenger and CargoHandling Services. 

"WTEST-Airport"allows providing training for either refreshment or new personnel. Instructorscan create their own question database with varied question types, add texts,graphics, and normative references, but also establish evaluation criteria todetermine knowledge of the relevant personnel of the Airport. Using theautomated system also allows significantly increasing the quality of trainingas well as eliminating the "human factor" to get an impartialassessment of the personnel's skills. 

"WTEST-Airport"fully complies with civil aviation regulations, as well as with ICAO standardsand procedures for passenger, baggage, cargo, and mail handling. 

The newsoftware product is now being installed in the work places of the relevantstaff members of the Airport, who are expected to use the system from thebeginning of 2010.

09 November 2009 Kurumoch International Airport has seen growth in passenger traffic in practically all destinations travelled to and from Samara. The number of passengers handled by the Airport in October 2009 has increased 9 % as compared with the same month last year. 17 January 2010 Kurumoch International Airport has tabulated the results of its business activity for December 2009 and New Year holidays. The data reflect the continuation of a positive trend towards the recovery in passenger traffic for the Airport.
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