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Kurumoch Airport announces the launch of a new Short Message Service (SMS) that will deliver flight status information to mobile devices.

Thenew service will allow you to receive text messages with up-to-the-minutedeparture, arrival, delay or cancellation information for your flights. To signup to receive notifications for a single flight, you will have to send an SMSto a short telephone number and each time there is an update on your flight,you will receive the information to your mobile device. 

The SMSnotification service is chargeable and supported by most Russian mobile phonenetworks currently in use. More details and terms and conditions about the newservice can soon be found in Online Flight Info on Kurumoch Airport’swebsite. 

TheAirport is launching the SMS notification service together with SMS TrafficCompany, Russia. 

You canuse this new service starting August 1, 2009.

25 May 2009 Kurumoch Airport enhances services offering: tickets for passengers planning a rail journey. 29 July 2009 Ural Airlines offer more flights from Kurumoch International Airport to Yekaterinburg, but also launch services from Samara to Moscow and Yerevan.
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