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Kurumoch Airport enhances services offering: tickets for passengers planning a rail journey.

Thenew services offered can be particularly useful for passengers regarding Samaraas a hub for their onward travel to Russian regions that are not yet connectedby scheduled flights with the Samara region.

Railway tickets are issued at theAirport’s Ticket Offices electronically. All you need is choosethe destination(s) you are going to, present your identity document and pay thefares. As confirmation, an itinerary / receipt will then be issued. You willfurther need the itinerary / receipt to get a traditional hard-copy ticket.Once a reservation is made, the original of your ticket is automaticallyprinted and kept at the chosen railway station until you require it.

The place to get the hard-copy ticketis up to you to choose – whether in booking offices at any railways stationthroughout Russiaor in dedicated e-ticket issuing offices located in all railway passengerterminals of this country.

You can present your purchase ordernumber to a clerk and exchange your itinerary / receipt for the hard-copyticket at any time which is convenient to you, but not later than 30 minutesprior to departure of your train. If you have also booked tickets for the membersof your family, you can get them provided that you present the whole purchaseorder number.

For more information about purchasingrailway tickets please contact the Airport’s Ticket Offices located on thefirst floor of the passenger terminal (24 hours).

22 May 2009 On May 24, Kurumoch Airport celebrates the 5th anniversary of Czech Airlines’ inaugural flight from Samara. 13 July 2009 Kurumoch Airport announces the launch of a new Short Message Service (SMS) that will deliver flight status information to mobile devices.
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