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Beginning October 25, 2009 Kurumoch Airport announces the start of a new winter flight timetable. Throughout the winter, airlines will be operating scheduled and charter flights from Samara to more than 40 destinations in the Russian Federation as well as

Thenew winter timetable is in effect till the end of March 2010. During this period,vacationers and business travellers will be able to fly from Samara to a numberof destinations in the Ural, Northern, Central and European parts of Russia aswell as to neighbouring (Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Armenia, and Uzbekistan) andEuropean countries, without changing planes. 

Thehighest frequency of flights will still remain on the route between Samara andMoscow. On the coming winter timetable, regular services between Samara and theRussian capital will be operated by 7 biggest national airlines, offering travellersup to 15 round-trip flights per day. With such a high flight frequency on thisroute, passengers can now choose a flight convenient to the time they want todepart, but also plan their onward travel from Moscow airports. 

Alsobeing increased is the frequency of scheduled flights from Samara to Baku,Tashkent, and Tel Aviv. Celebrating its comeback at Kurumoch Airport is Kuban Airlines, which will depart eachWednesday for Krasnodar. Rostov-on-Don, another southern destination in Russia,will be served by UTair every Wednesdayand Saturday. Yamal Airlines islaunching its regular service to Omsk, departing Samara twice a week, on Mondayand Wednesday. 

OnOctober 26, the first and largest low-cost carrier of the Middle East and NorthAfrica Air Arabia enters the Samaramarket to operate direct scheduled service between Samara and Sharjah (UAE),offering further connecting flights to Athens, Goa, Colombo, Thrivandrum, andother popular resorts of the world. Another carrier launching direct scheduledflights to the United Arab Emirates will be UralAirlines. Passengers are offered a weekly service between Samara and Dubai,which can also be a transit point for their onward travel to most Asiancountries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Qatar, Bahrain, andothers.

Apart from scheduledinternational flights, there will be charter flights for tourists this comingwinter. The charter flight timetable will include such popular holiday destinations as Egypt, the UnitedArab Emirates, and India, but also a new route to Aqaba, a coastal town in thefar south of Jordan, near Eilat (Israel).

The new winter flighttimetable becomes effective from October 25, 2009.

13 October 2009 To meet the increasing demand, UTair enhances its service between Samara and Tel Aviv. 26 October 2009 Kurumoch International Airport today welcomes the launch of Air Arabia’s non-stop passenger service between Samara and Sharjah.
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