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A new suburban railway link between Kurumoch Airport and the city of Samara has just opened.

Since October 18, expresselectric trains have been running daily between KurumochAirport and the city of Samara. The trains departfrom Samara Railway Terminal and arrive at a platform next to the Airportterminal, and the whole trip takes an hour and 15 minutes. 

Special buses with the“Airport – Railway Platform” sign carry passengers from the Domestic ArrivalsTerminal to the platform 15 minutes before the departure time of the train.Newly arrived passengers are also carried from the platform to the PassengerTerminal by bus. 

You can find the time scheduleon the Airport’s website, in the apron buses and at the Airport’s InformationDesk.

08 October 2008 At the Conference on the Volga Region transport system development, Kurumoch International Airport reported the significance of revival of air communication between other places of the Volga Federal District. That was met with sheer enthusiasm by the Pres 20 October 2008 As part of 2008-2009 winter flight schedule Kurumoch International Airport establishes a new programme of scheduled and charter flights to the cities of Russia, nearby and distant countries.
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