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Heinemann Travel Value

Heinemann Travel Value

Heinemann Duty Free|Travel Value (Внутренние вылеты)

Heinemann Travel Value shop is welcoming you at Samara airport. Wide range of perfumery, cosmetics and skin care products from worldwide brands, imported and russian chocolate is presented here.

Pay your attention to the Price Hits section. Here you may find fragrances of world known brands at favourable prices from 1800 RUB to 3500 RUB.

We would recommend you to pay attention to the Special offer section. Here you may find goods with discounts up to 25% OFF. These goods are marked with red price tags in the shop.

Products with this sign Travel Exclusive are exclusively sold in the airport and cannot be found in the stores in the city.

You can also find traditional Russian souvenirs here: matryoshka, wooden spoons and plates, traditional Russian food. It will be a nice souvenir from Samara for colleagues and friends.

We will be glad to see you at Heinemann Travel Value Samara!

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