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The Airport offers another daily flight from Samara to Moscow, starting February 2.

, the second biggest Russianairline, has launched services from Samara to Moscow.

StartingFebruary 2, the flights UN 145 / 146 has been operated 5 days a week, exceptSaturdays and Sundays, departing Samara at 8.30 p.m. and arriving to Moscow(Domodedovo Airport) at 9.10 p.m. – departing Moscow at 4.55 p.m. and arriving to Samara at7.30 p.m. (all timing is local). 

TheAirline offers service on Boeing-737-500 with the following three classesavailable on board – business, economy and tourist classes. 

serves more than 85 destinations inEurope, Asia, Africa, North and South America and Australia. For detailed informationon tickets, fares and the Airline’s connecting flights in Moscow, pleasecontact Information Desk or call +7 846 9965148 or visit the Airline’swebsite


13 January 2009 Kurumoch International Airport has tabulated the results of its business activity for 2008. The number of passengers handled by the Airport has increased 4.6% as compared with the last year. 06 February 2009 A working meeting between the representatives of Air Arabia and the leading tourist companies of the Samara region at Kurumoch International Airport.
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