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Kurumoch International Airport welcomes guests and participants of the VIII Junior Delphic Games of the Russian Federation.

The VIII JuniorDelphic Games of the Russian Federation, with its theme “The Youth ofRussia”, are held in the Samara region during the period from May 15 to May 20,2009. The guests and participants are already arriving in Samara.

To meet andwelcome delegations arriving in the Samara region by plane, there is adedicated centre at Kurumoch Airport. During theJunior Delphic Games, Samara, the winner of the contest among constituententities of the Russian Federation to be the hosting place, isexpected to receive over 2,000 participants from more than 70 regions andrepublics of the country.

 The VIII Junior Delphic Games organized by theNational Delphic Council of Russia, the Government of the Samara region, andMinistries and Agencies of the Russian Federation are held under the patronageof the International Delphic Council under the aegis of the Commission of theRussian Federation for UNESCO Affairs.

In the contest,there are 26 art categories, which include music and performing arts, crafts,design and visual arts, photography, culinary art, etc.

The Delphic Gamesis the unique contest that combines all art forms and allows scouting potentialartists from the young talents, but also a chance and forum for a peacefuldialogue of different cultures.

The officialopening of the VIII Junior Delphic Games of Russia will be on May 16, 2006.

09 April 2009 Kurumoch Airport’s Summer 2009 timetable presents new services to the most popular Russian resorts – Sochi, Anapa, and Krasnodar. 18 May 2009 Kurumoch Airport offers another regular flight from Samara to Moscow operated by S7 Airlines.
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