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Kurumoch International Airport offers the new seasonal schedule for both international and domestic destinations during the summer period of 2012.

Duringthe summer navigation period (since March till September) in 2012 together withalready existing destinations Kurumoch International Airport will offer to itspassengers new direct regular flights to a number of Russian cities. YamalAirlines, for example, will resume its flights to famous Russian resorts suchas Anapa and Sochi.At the same time NordStar Airlines is planning to launch the flights toRostov-on-Don as well as to operate weekly flights to Norilsk. Samara-Voronezh air navigation willbe carried out by Polet Airlines. Iraero will again welcome those passengers whowould like to visit Irkutsk. 

Besides,the flights to Moscowwill become more frequent during the next season. Today this populardestination is operated by five largest Russian airlines on a daily basis. Beginningfrom the end of March the frequency of Moscowflights will increase up to fourteen flights per day.

Thisyear Kurumoch InternationalAirport is going to continue itssuccessful collaboration with low-cost Wind Jet airline by resuming the regularflights from Samara to Riminiwhich is one of the most famous Italian resorts in the Adriatic seaside.

Insummer 2012 the route network of famous resorts will be widely expanded.  The number of tourist destinations coveredwith direct flights from Samara amounts to twenty. A few airlines will carryout traditional holiday flights from Samara to the cities of Turkey, Egypt,Greece, Spain, Italy,Croatia, Tunisia, Bulgariaand Thailand.Moreover starting from this summer season the Greek carrier Astra Airlines willoffer charter flights to Thessaliniki.

Werecommend the tourists to contact their travel agents in order to obtain morespecific information about the charter flights schedule. All the regularflights details are available on the official website of Kurumoch International Airport (Section ofFlight Schedules). These seasonal schedules will operate since March 25 tillthe end of October 2012. 

19 March 2012 More flights to Moscow. 09 April 2012 In the first quarter of 2012 Kurumoch International Airport has seen a passenger flow increase of 18% including a 37.7% growth of international passenger flow as compared with the same period last year.
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