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Kurumoch International Airport began servicing Airbus-330-200

Kurumoch international airport (part of Airports of Regions Holding) has resumed servicing Airbus-330-200. The first flight on an aircraft of this type was made by Nordwind airlines from Nha Trang (Vietnam) to Samara with 278 passengers onboard. Servicing of this type of airliners became possible due to the renovation and commissioning of the second runway (Runway-2) in December 2017.

Runway-2 is 3,001 meters long and 45 meters wide, with PCN (Pavement Classification Number) of 82/R/C/X/T; the runway is paved with asphalt concrete. These characteristics of Runway-2 make it possible to serve practically all modern long-range aircraft like Boing-777 and Airbus-340 and to carry passengers from the region comfortably over long distances without transit in large cities. The airport infrastructure renovation increases the carrying capacity of Samara Airport and ensures the required level of flight safety.

The maximum take-off weight of Airbus-330-200 is 230 tons; the seat capacity of Airbus-330-200 is 406 passengers in case of a single-class cabin layout; and the maximum flying range of Airbus-330-200 is 13,450 kilometres. For comparison, Airbus-320, in which the most passengers of Samara airport were carried in 2017, have a maximum cabin capacity of 189 seats, a flying range of 6,500 kilometres and a maximum take-off weight of 73.5 tons. Russian and foreign airlines use Airbus-330-200 on popular tourist routes.

10 January 2018 Kurumoch International Airport put the new runway in service 22 March 2018 Kurumoch has received a Skytrax certificate
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