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Kurumoch International Airport and Vienna International Airport have signed a cooperation agreement.

TheCooperation Agreement between the two airports has been signed in the frameworkof the official visit of the Government of the Samara Region to Austria and theirnegotiations with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. 

The Agreement provides for partnership relations betweenthe airports of Samara and Vienna,furnishing each other with as complete information on their projects expectedto be implemented in the short- and long-term periods as possible, in order tooutline prospective ways of rendering assistance on mutually beneficialconditions, and exchange of experience in airport facilities operation. 

Kurumoch Airport, the largest and busiest airport of the Volga Region,is proud to highlight its considerable experience in ensuring aviation securityand safety, and its security policy is one of continuous improvement andinvestment. Among modern technologies and innovations at the Airport are also Glissada-04 Laser Landing System and the Biometric Identification Programme forFrequent Fliers. Samara Airport has also introduced its Austrian colleagues tothe Reconstruction and Modernization Project of Kurumoch International Airport,the Intra-regional and Local Services Development Project, including thecreation of a new air carrier as well as development of a network ofaerodromes, helipads and landing areas throughout the territory of the Samara Regionas well as other projects considered as perspective for the entire region. 

Havingregard to close business relations between Austriaand the Samara Region, the establishment of direct flights between Samara and Vienna is still one of thevital questions nowadays. With this regard, the Parties have agreed onrendering each other every possible assistance to solve it as soon as possible. 

Kurumoch InternationalAirport and Vienna International Airport are also expectedto exchange their experience in the field of aircraft ground handling, businessactivities, and non-aviation business. 

For information:
InternationalAirport (Vienna-Schwechat)is located 18 km(11 miles) southeast of Vienna and is the largest andbusiest airport in Austria.The airport is the hub of Austrian Airlines and its subsidiaries. Each year Vienna Airporthandles over 20 million passengers.

20 March 2009 Kurumoch International Airport took part in inter-regional economic forum “Development of Regional Aviation of Russia-2009”. 31 March 2009 Today, on March 31, Kurumoch Airport celebrates the 13th anniversary of Lufthansa’s inaugural flight from Samara.
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