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Kurumoch Airport offers a new scheduled flight for the summer season from Samara to Irkutsk.

Starting mid June 2010, two air carriers such as Kavminvodyavia and Rusline are planning to provide services from Samara to Irkutsk, one of the most popular destinations in Eastern Siberia.

From 13 June till 5 September 2010, Kavminvodyavia will operate these scheduled flights using a Tu-154. The Airline’s new services are introduced as follows:

Samara – Irkutsk – Samara

Departure from Samara: 03:50 pm
Arrival at Irkutsk: 01:20 am (every Sunday)
Departure from Irkutsk: 04:40 pm
Arrival at Samara: 04:35 pm (every Tuesday)
All timing is local.

From 17 June till 28 October 2010, the same route will be served by Rusline using a Bombardier CRJ200 jet aircraft:

Samara – Irkutsk - Samara

Departure from Samara: 06:00 pm
Arrival at Irkutsk: 05:05 am (every Thursday)
Departure from Irkutsk: 05:00 am
Arrival at Samara: 06:25 am (every Wednesday)
All timing is local.
For more information on the Airlines ticket fares on the above routes, please visit the Airlines websites or contact the Airport’s information service: +7 (846) 996 55 16, 996 53 22, 996 55 55 (24 hours).

09 June 2010 Kurumoch International Airport has tabulated the results of its business activity for May 2010. For the month, domestic passenger traffic exceeded 20%, whereas international traffic increased more than 60% compared to May 2009. 17 June 2010 Kurumoch International Airport shareholders’ meeting was held on June 15, 2010.
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