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A new route to Istanbul is due to launch from Kurumoch International Airport this winter.

The new service hosted by
is set to run from November 1, 2010. The Airline will fly between Samara and Istanbul three times a week departing from Samara each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, with a Boeing 737-500 offering economy and business class accomodation.

The flights that will soon link Samara and Istanbul mostly appeal to those doing business both in the Privolzhsky Federal District and in Turkey, but also to tourist travellers. Another benefit is the visa-free regime introduced between Russia and Turkey this year, which now gives more opportunities to travel between these two cities.

To find the flight schedule for this route, please use the Flight Schedules section on this site. To book and purchase e-tickets, we ask that you visit the
website or contact the Airport's Ticket Office.

Photo courtesy of Donavia

20 September 2010 The Aviation Training Centre at Kurumoch Airport offers a new Aviation English language training program for pilots and air traffic controllers, starting September. 05 October 2010 Newly released figures from Kurumoch International Airport in September 2010 report an increase of more than 16% in passenger traffic when compared with the last year period, as well as the dynamic growth in other figures of the Airport’s business activit
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