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A new production record was set in Kurumoch

In June, 2017 production services of «Kurumoch» International Airport (forms part of Airports of Regions Holding) set a new production record, having brought services to 10,318 passengers a day. Such a passenger traffic was registered on Thursday, the 21st of June, which became an absolute daily maximum for the first half of 2017 and broke the previous record set three years ago. This day there were served 46 arrivals and 45 departures. The groundhandling service of Samara Airport processed 5302 pieces of luggage of the total weight of 79.5 tons. For comparison:

  • January 21 - 3837 persons
  • February 21 - 4753 persons
  • March 21 – 6173 persons
  • April 21 – 6637 persons
  • May 21 - 7138 persons

*Data as of 2017

The previous daily maximum was registered on August 17, 2014. That day the airport provided its services to 9 949 passengers. The passenger traffic growth in 2017 was both due to the recovery of tourist market and airline activity on Russian and international routes.

28 June 2017 The new welcome-photo zone is opened on the territory of Samara airport 10 January 2018 Kurumoch International Airport put the new runway in service
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