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Within the framework of the MAKS 2009 Air Show, a Letter of Intent for the launch of the Maintenance and Repair Center for Foreign and Russian Aircraft in Samara was signed.

The Letter of Intent (LoI) was signed on August 20 between the Partiesinvolved in the joint launch and development of the Centre, namely: the

Ministryof Transport, Communications and Roads of the Samara Region, KurumochInternational Airport
IsraelAerospace Enterprise Ltd.
(represented by
Bedek Aviation Group
), and A
viakor –Aviation Plant
in Samara. The document was signed following preliminary worksand negotiations the Parties had been holding for a year. 

Nowadays, in the fleet of most Russian carriers, foreign-manufacturedaircraft predominate over those made in this country. However, only a fewaviation market players are experienced enough to perform heavy maintenanceservices such as C-Check and D-Check, which is why Russian carriers have tohave a considerable part of these services carried out abroad. 

The purpose of the development of the Maintenance and Repair Center for Foreign and Russian Aircraft (MRO Centre) in the Samara region isto solve that problem – Samara has a high potential to develop this kind ofaircraft maintenance services on the base of Kurumoch Airportand local aviation enterprises. Kurumoch and Aviakor have dedicated hangarspaces, highly-skilled and well-trained maintenance staff, with a workingknowledge of the English language. Additionally, there is access to new humanresources, among which are graduates of the SamaraState AerospaceUniversity (with its instructors who havebeen trained to teach foreign aircraft (Boeing, Airbus) maintenance trainingcourses) and the Aviation Transport Collegeat Kurumoch Airport.

20 August 2009 Increase in flights between Samara and Moscow. Passengers departing from Kurumoch International Airport are offered another scheduled flight operated by Orenair. 24 August 2009 Starting August 24, 2009, Ural Airlines launches a direct scheduled flight from Samara to Yerevan.
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