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Two Canadair water-bombing planes from Italy and a Be-200 amphibious aircraft have arrived at Kurumoch to help extinguish wildfires in the Samara region.

The Canadair 415 amphibians (Bombardier 415Superscooper) sent to Samara upon the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’sinstruction landed at Kurumoch Airport on August 6. A day earlier a BerievBe-200 fire fighting aircraft arrived at Samara and immediately proceeded to extinguishwildfires on the territory of the Samara region. 

The Russian Be-200 amphibiousaircraft is able to scoop 12 tonnes of water in 12 seconds. During the firstday of its fire duty, the Be-200 performed 34 water drops to extinguish wildfiresin forest green zones around Samara and Togliatti,including the Samarskaya Luka National Park. The Canadian Bombardier 415 with Italiancrews on board joined it the next day, and a Mi-171 helicopter from Kazakhstanfollowed them later. 

At present, theSamara region has all necessary means to effectively fight wildfires and forestfires, including the water-bombing aircraft and KurumochAirport located in the immediatevicinity of the Volga and the Sok rivers,which allows the aircraft to scoop water shortly after take-off and bomb theflames, then to refuel rapidly and continue their firefighting operations. 

The firefightingaircraft are expected to operate in Samara until the fires are completelyextinguished here. 

Aircraft Information:

The BerievBe-200 Altair is a multipurpose amphibious aircraft designed by the BerievAircraft Company and manufactured by Irkut. It is based on the A-40 Albatrossmilitary amphibian. Designed for fire fighting, search and rescue, maritimepatrol, cargo, and passenger transportation, it can take-off and land  on wateror ground and is able to scoop a total of 12 tonnes of water in 12 seconds. 

The Bombardier415 (formerly Canadair CL-415) is a Canadian amphibious aircraft purpose-builtas a water bomber. It is the only aircraft designed and built specifically foraerial firefighting. It is marketed in the United States as the"Superscooper". The CL-415 amphibian can also be reconfigured andused for maritime research and rescue, personnel transport, and surveillance. TheCL-415 has a maximum speed of 359 km/h and it can complete nine drops within an hour,delivering 55,233 litres of water.

05 July 2010 A high-level delegation led by Minister for Economic Affairs of the Embassy of Japan in Russia has visited Kurumoch International Airport to explore business opportunities and establish contacts. 10 August 2010 Ural Airlines expands its route network from Kurumoch Airport, offering a new scheduled service to Osh (Kyrgyzstan).
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