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Space staircase has opened at “Kurumoch”

On the Cosmonautics day a real space staircase was opened at “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding). Now, walking up 60 stairs from the registration zone to the pre-flight check area, the passengers may not just refresh their knowledge of the history of space exploration, but also learn a lot of new facts.

“Samara is called the space capital of Russia, scientists and designers of enterprises of the city took an active part practically in all stages of space exploration. This subject is close and familiar to all city-dwellers and arises vivid interest among guests of Samara. That is why to the space-like architecture of our terminal we added an educational element in the form of this staircase – this is our gift on the Cosmonautics day. We have studied the history of Russian cosmonautics and decided to show the passengers the enormous progress that has been made by this sector during the 60 years. Everyone knows such key events, as the first space flight, first exit into space, but in reality each year was important for the industry”, tells Konstantin Bulinin, executive director at “Kurumoch” international airport” JSC.

The countoff of the history of events begins with October of 1957, when the first artificial sputnik of the Earth was launched into space, and on the way to the departure gates the passengers learn, when the first automatic space link, first soft landing on the surface of Venice took place, as well as cosmonauts of what countries have worked at the space station, who and when set records of staying in space. Event of 2017 — second open enrollment into the cosmonaut team.

11 April 2017 Turkish Airlines has started flights to “Kurumoch” international airport 13 April 2017 Passenger traffic of “Kurumoch” airport has set an all-time record
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