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Polyot Airlines resumes its scheduled flights from Samara to Voronezh and Khanty-Mansiysk.

As part of its new summerschedule, Polyot Airlines will re-launch its scheduled flights from Samara to Voronezh andKhanty-Mansiysk, beginning May 16. The route will be operated using Saab-2000aircraft.

The Airline’s services areintroduced as follows: 

Samara – Voronezh

Departure from Samara - 07:45pm

Arrival at Voronezh - 09:15 pm

Departure from Voronezh - 10:10 am

Arrival at Samara- 11:40 am


Samara – Khanty-Mansiysk

Departure fromSamara - 12:40 pm

Arrival atKhanty-Mansiysk - 05:10 pm

Departure fromKhanty-Mansiysk - 06:10 pm

Arrival at Samara- 06:45 pm 

The flights will be operatedeach Monday. All timing is local.

For additional information onthe schedules but also current fares on the above flights, please visit thePolyot Airlines website.

12 April 2011 Kurumoch Airport sees a 4.8% increase in passenger traffic in the first quarter of 2011 over the same period last year. 19 May 2011 Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) has commenced scheduled flights between Samara and Kiev.
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