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Kurumoch International Airport has won the first prize in Production Development nomination within the framework of the contest The Best Airport of the Year 2011 among CIS Countries (the Association Airport of CIS Civil Aviation).

Whilechoosing the best airports such aspects as complex company developmentincluding production activities and material and technical facilitiesmodernization, as well as implementation of new technologies, economic andfinancial affairs and investment project execution were under consideration.  All the participants were judged by competentexpert board which consisted of aviation authorities’ representatives, membersof Association Airport CA Executive Board as well as civil aviationspecialists and scientists.

Accordingto competitive selection results Kurumoch International Airportwas recognized as one of the best airports. The Airport was awarded theCertificate of Honour For Significant Contribution to Its ProductionDevelopment and got a special cupas The Best Airport of the Year among CIS Countries.

Thishigh appreciation of Kurumoch Airport would beunattainable without all the modern technologies which were implemented by theAirport management during the last year. In 2011 Kurumoch developed its integrated aviation security system,modernized its communication network equipment, obtained new passenger andaircraft handling equipment but also improved IS Airport automated control system.

Thecontest The Best Airport of the Year among CIS Countries is yearly carried out by Association Airportof CIS CA. This contest gives to CIS airports a greatchance for successful development and competitive strength, passenger handlingand flight safety upgrading as well as infrastructure modernization.

24 May 2012 Greece carrier Astra Airlines is launching its seasonal tourist flights from Samara to Thessaloniki since June 2012. 09 June 2012 Kurumoch International Airport has tabulated the results of its business activity for May 2012. The Airport demonstrates the dynamic growth in all the main figures in spite of the aerodrome reconstruction process in operation.
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