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Kurumoch International Airport has taken part in a press-conference hosted by the Government of the Samara Region and devoted to the XI International Airspace Salon MAKS-2009.

The press conferencesummarizing work undertaken by Samara enterprises at the MAKS-2009 was hostedin the Samara Region Government House on August 25, 2009. 

Minister ofTransport, Communications and Roads of the SamaraRegion

Valery Matveyev
, Head of Project Department of Ministry of Industry, Energyand Technology of the Samara Region
Maxim Barov
, Director General of Aviacor– Aviation Plant
Alexey Gusev
, Director General of State Research &Production Space Rocket Center (TsSKB-Progress)
Alexey Kirilin
, and DirectorGeneral of Kurumoch International Airport
Leonid Shvarts
have given interviewsto local media representatives. 

During thepress conference, issues concerning the establishment of the Maintenance andRepair Center for Foreign and Russian Aircraft (MRO Center) on the territoriesof Kurumoch Airport and Samara Aviation Plant were discussed (last week thecorresponding Letter of Intent was signed within the framework of the MAKS-2009).When answering the reporters’ questions, Mr Shvarts, Director General of theAirport, emphasized that nowadays in Russia there is no integratedcenter for simultaneous maintenance of foreign and Russian built aircraft. 

Also discussed were issues concerning the creation of a new Samara-baseairline. In 2008, Kurumoch Airport’s initiative to revive and develop intra-regionaland local services was approved by Ministry of Transport, Communications andRoads of the Samara Region, while the regionalGovernment appropriated the funds for the development of a Feasibility Studyfor this project. The Feasibility Study is expected to be finished soon, with variousforms of business legal structures as part of it. Within the framework of theMAKS-2009, aLetter of Intent between Kurumoch International Airportand Aviakor – Aviation Plant for the acquisition of 5 aircraft for the new airlinehas already been signed.

24 August 2009 Starting August 24, 2009, Ural Airlines launches a direct scheduled flight from Samara to Yerevan. 01 September 2009 On the Day of Knowledge – September 1, Air Transport College of Samara State Aerospace University (SSAU) at Kurumoch Airport welcomed its new students and future graduates.
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