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Kurumoch International Airport announces new routes to the CIS countries.

StartingMarch 29, 2010 passengers departing from Samara will be offered another direct scheduledflight to Tashkentoperated by

Ural Airlines. 

TheAirline will operate flights on this route every Monday with A-320, departingSamara at 11.50 pm and arriving to Tashkentat 02.40 am the following day. The return flight will leave Tashkent every Tuesday at 04.00 am and arrivein Samara at 07.10 am (all timing is local). 

Thus,the current one flight per week service between Samara and the capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan will soon increase and make atotal of two scheduled flights per week (the above route is presently operatedby Uzbekiston Havo Yullary, a Uzbek state carrier). 

Formore information on the Airline ticket fares on the above route, please visitthe Ural Airlines website,contact the Airport’s Ticket Office or call +7 846 996 51 48 (24hours). 

Today, Kurumoch Airportoffers passengers departing from Samara a number of scheduled flights, operatedby leading Russian airlines but also by national carriers from the CIScountries, to the cities of Azerbaijan,Tajikistan, Armenia, andUzbelistan. Also discussed is the opportunity of establishing new air routes betweenSamara and the cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

Withthis increase in flight frequency between Samara and the cities of the CIScountries, passengers can now choose a flight at a time most convenient tothem, but also different tariffs and onboard services. 

Airline Information:

Ural Airlines is an airline based inYekaterinburg and ranks among Russia’stop ten airlines in flight safety and passenger volumes.  The Ural Airlines fleet includes the followingaircraft: Airbus A-320, A-321, Tupolev Tu-154M, Tu-154B. The Airline hasembarked on a fleet modernisation programme. By 2012-2013 it hopes to haveacquired another 6 new Airbus aircraft. Ural Airlines has 50 interlineagreements with leading Russian and foreign air carriers. The Airline iscurrently serving over 120 domestic and international destinations.

Today, Ural Airlines offerspassengers departing from Samara direct scheduled flights to Yekaternburg,Dushanbe, Yerevan, Khojend, Tashkent, and Dubai as well as charter flights to thecountries of the far abroad.


03 March 2010 In February 2010, the total number of passengers handled at Kurumoch Airport increased by 23.5% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. 18 March 2010 Swiss companies specialising in surface maintenance equipment and aircraft manufacturing show interest in cooperation with Kurumoch International Airport.
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