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From Samara to Salekhard and Khanty-Mansijsk

The schedule of regular flights of “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) is expanded to include the cities of the Ural Federal District. Now one may get from Samara to Salekhard and Khanty-Mansijsk without the connection in Moscow. Carriage of passengers is performed by “UVT AERO” airline.

Flight Samara- Khanty-Mansijsk — every Monday, departure at 19.00 local time (beginning with the 27th of March, after switch to the spring-summer schedule the departure time will be moved to 19.45). Return flight Khanty-Mansijsk- Samara — on Thursdays at 12.55 (beginning with the 27th of March, on Wednesdays, departure at 13.55).

One may fly from Samara to Salekhard on Saturdays at 08.35 (beginning with the end of March on Fridays 09.00). Return flights are performed on Mondays at 14.20 (after the 27th of March - at 15.10).

Ticket prices, carriage terms and flights schedule are available on the web-site “UVT AERO” is the airline of the Republic of Tatarstan, performing regular carriage of passengers. The base airports of “UVT AERO” are “Bugulma” airport and “Kazan” international airport. The fleet of the airline cinsists of 50-seat airplanes  Bombardier CRJ-200.



13 March 2017 New Flight Samara-Krasnoyarsk 20 March 2017 More flights from Samara to the cities of the Privolzhsky Federal District
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