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Another daily regular flight to Moscow offered by Ural Airlines will be launched from Kurumoch International Airport from September 22.

Initially,flights on this route have been operated each Monday since August 24, 2009 butstarting September 22, the Airline will increase the frequency to daily service,departing Samara at 7.20 am and arriving to Moscowat 7.50 am – departing from Moscowat 9.35 am and arriving to Samara at 12.10 pm (all timing is local). The aboveflights will be operated with A-320, estimated time en route – 90 minutes.

Fordetailed information on tickets and fares for these flights, please visit theofficial website of Ural Airlines , contact the Airport’s Ticket Office or call +7 846 9965148(24 hours).

Moscow has been one of the most populardestinations among the residents of the Samara region. Thereby the daily flightsSamara-Moscow are presently operated by 6 biggest Russian airlines, amountingthe number of flights on this route to 14 per day. As

Ural Airlines
offersanother daily service, the total flight frequency on this route will soon increaseto 15 per day.

01 September 2009 On the Day of Knowledge – September 1, Air Transport College of Samara State Aerospace University (SSAU) at Kurumoch Airport welcomed its new students and future graduates. 09 September 2009 More flights between Samara and the capital of Azerbaijan will soon be offered by Ural Airlines.
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