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A high-level delegation led by Minister for Economic Affairs of the Embassy of Japan in Russia has visited Kurumoch International Airport to explore business opportunities and establish contacts.

OnJuly 5, 2010 the representatives of the Embassy of Japan in Russia but also the executives of some Japanese companies held a working meeting with the management of Kurumoch Airport. The meeting took place as partof the delegation’s official visit to the Samara region to launch theirBusiness Partnership Centre to expand the Regional Resource Centre here inSamara.

The delegation consisted of the following members: Mr. Miyagawa Manabu, Minister for Economic Affairs of the Embassy ofJapan in Russia, Mr. Sugai Yoshiki, Secretary of the Embassyof Japan in Russia,Mr. Ikeda Masahiro, Directorof ROTOBO Moscow Office, Mr. Takeda Koji, General Director ofThreeBond Co. Ltd., Moscow Representative Office, Mr. Takahashi Nobuyasu, General Director of IHI Corporation, MoscowRepresentative Office, Mr. HorikiriToshio, President of Toyota Engineering Corporation (TEC), Mr. Oishi Sohei, Director of the Japanese Centre in Nizhny Novgorod, Mrs. OlgaSakantseva, Chief Adviser for the HR Policy and State Awards Department ofthe Government of the Samara region, Mr. Dmitry Ovodenko, Director ofthe Regional Resource Centre of the Samara region, Mr. Leonid Shvarts, Director General ofKurumoch International Airport, and others. 

Duringthe meeting the parties have discussed the potentials for their futurecooperation. The Japanese delegation has also been introduced to someinnovative projects now being implemented at Kurumoch as the largest airport ofthe Volga region, including the Reconstruction and Modernisation Project of theAirport, the creation of a new Samara-based airline, the launch and developmentof the Maintenance and Repair Centerfor Foreign Aircraft at Samara, and the implementation of the Glissada-Mlaser landing system. 

Accordingto the representatives of the Japanese delegation, they were highly impressedwith the projects presented. Mr. Miyagawa Manabu as well as his colleaguesexpressed hope for future cooperation with the Airport and added, “Our mainmission today is to launch our Business Partnership Centre here in Samara. Weare interested in cooperation with the Samara region and believe that it willcontinue strengthening”. In his conclusion, Mr. Miyagawa thanked Mr. Shvarts,Director General of Kurumoch, for the information provided and invited him tomake a more detailed presentation on the Airport’s projects at the Embassy ofJapan in Moscowfor relevant Japanese enterprises.

17 June 2010 Kurumoch International Airport shareholders’ meeting was held on June 15, 2010. 09 August 2010 Two Canadair water-bombing planes from Italy and a Be-200 amphibious aircraft have arrived at Kurumoch to help extinguish wildfires in the Samara region.
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